Tips rápidos

Actualiza todo

Funcionara si no hay problemas derivados por php obsoleto, algun plugin desastre, etc,

Estructura de cPanel

$ cd public_html && wp core update && wp plugin upgrade --all && wp theme upgrade --all


$ wp core update && wp plugin upgrade --all && wp theme upgrade --all


Crear un administrador de Wordpress con wp cli

# wp user create
$ wp user create castris --role=administrator
Success: Created user 12.

Borrar un usuario de Wordpress con wp-cli

# wp user delete
$ wp user delete 12
--reassign parameter not passed. All associated posts will be deleted. Proceed? [y/n] y
Success: Removed user 12 from

Actualizar WP

Como root si la aplicación esta en el sistema de forma global

$ sudo wp cli update
You have version 2.5.0-alpha-3f4c34b. Would you like to update to 2.5.0? [y/n] Y
Downloading from
md5 hash verified: 20ab512b12d766a2d2f51cc8f5c43411
New version works. Proceeding to replace.
Success: Updated WP-CLI to 2.5.0.

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